Cost of the course: 65.000 CZK (approx. 2500 EUR)

The course fee covers costs related to the course, including interim and final tests, and basic study materials. Free of charge is: transfer from the airport, help of an English-speaking coordinator throughout the whole time of the course, help with an evaluation and nostrification of a high-school / university education, registration with the police upon arrival etc. Registration fee in the amount of 6.500 CZK (approx. 250 EUR) is not part of the course fee and is non-refundable. Registration fee covers costs related to mailing the documents, and administrative procedures associated with enrollment of a student into a course. Invoice for the payment will be issued in EUR according to an official exchange rate of Česká spořitelna bank (Foreign Exchange – Buy) on that given day. It is possible to issue an invoice for payments in USD or CZK, if necessary.

Students, who upon their arrival, present themselves with a Russian high-school diploma (attestat) or a diploma with an average grade of 4,7 or higher (citizens of Ukraine – 9,7, citizens of Belarus – 9,4,) will be tranfered (to a Czech account) a one-time financial award of 1.500 CZK (approx. 60 EUR).