General Conditions

The aim of czech language preparatory courses is high quality preparation for entering and further education at the University of Economics, Prague. All terms, conditions and the course policy are submitted to this aim.


  1. Rules and regulations: University of Economics, Prague is obliged to provide student the chosen program in the volume and on the conditions indicated on official website of University of Economics, Prague. Students‘ arrangements with University of Economics, Prague are governed by the law of Czech Republic. The fees are specified in czech crowns. For payments and refunds the current change rate crown/euro (or US dollar) is used. All expences connected with exchange rate are paid by student.
  2. Arrivals and departures: All accomodation is organized from any day in case the student warned University at least 5 days before arrival. Transfer from the airport is free in case student came to the course on time, i.e. by the course first day.
  3. Late arrivals, vacations and absences: if the student begins enrollment late or is absent during this course, no refund will be made for the time missed. Periods of absence cannot be made up with a free extension of the course. Break dates are pre-built into the Academic Year and Academic Semester programs and students cannot make changes to these dates. Breaks taken at other times will be marked as periods of absence. Students with less than 70% attendance will be reported to the relevant immigration authorities about visa misuse. Information about academic progress and attendance will be available on-line and will be updated at least once a month.
  4. One-time paid scholarship: is paid to the students just in case the student came to the course on time, i.e. by the course first day.
  5. Public holidays: classes are normally not held and most school facilities are closed on public holidays and Deans’ and Rector’s days off. All published courses start dates fall on a Monday. If the Monday is a public holiday, the start date will fall on a Tuesday. Compensation will not be made for classes not offered on public holidays, Deans‘ and Rector’s days off.
  6. Duration of lessons: all lessons are 45 minutes in duration unless otherwise stated. Courses run from Monday to Friday according to the schedule sent to the student with all other instructions before the course starts.
  7. Late coming to the lessons: in case if student is late to the lesson for more than 10 minutes, the teacher has the right not to let the student to the lesson. In any case more than 10 minutes late coming to the lesson is marked as missed lesson.
  8. Books and learning materials: all books and learning materials for Czech language courses will be made available to students during their course. A book deposit may be charged at the beginning of the course or semester. This will be refunded at the end of the course, if the books are returned in good condition.
  9. Medical insurance:student is responsible for provision and payment of medical insurance, for the payment of any medical expences which may occur during the student’s stay and studying at the preparatory courses.
  10. Expulsion/Suspension:Any student who commits a criminal offence, violates the student conduct code, school policy or school discipline or in case of poor attendance in University’s opinion (whether or not such attendance is in breach of any visa attendance requirements), may be expelled or suspended and immediately departed home. No refund will be given and the immigration authorities will be informed.
  11. Liability: University of Economics, Prague is not responsible for any losses arising from negligence, law violation and other reasons.
  12. Force majeure. University of Economics, Prague will not be liable in cases where University of Economics, Prague is unable to fulfil any services to which they are contractually bound because of fire, natural disaster, act of government, failure of suppliers or subcontractors, labor disputes or other reasons which are beyond University‘s of Economics, Prague control.
  13. Student Code of Conduct: Student agrees to abide by the student conduct rules and other policies while attending preparation courses. As part of University’s of Economics, Prague commitment to our students‘ success, we seek to provide an optimal learning environment and expect students to conduct themselves in a manner that is considerate of those around them. Inappropriate conduct includes but is not limited to: 1) disruptions to the learning environment (i.e. use of profanity, harassment, mobile phone use in classrooms, more than 10 minute late coming to the lesson etc.); 2) deliberate destruction, misuse, or theft of University’s of Economics, Prague property or the property of fellow classmates; 3) violence or threats of violence towards persons or property of students or University of Economics, Prague staff; 4) failure to comply with local copyright or criminal laws forbidding the misappropriation, copying or alteration of copyright-protected materials; 5)passing the learning materials to the third parties; 6) copying, including making photos of learning materials which are used just for in class working.

Student Code of Conduct violation is the reason for exclusion from the course with no refund made.


Refunds will be made to the student’s bank account in the same country in which the fees were originallz paid. All refunds will be made within 45 days of written notification. In the event of University of Economics, Prague cancelling or terminating a course, a full refund of all unused fees will be made.


„Cancellation“ means cancelling a course before the start date of the first course you are attending. Cancellation is made in written form. In this case 100% of the tuition and accommodation fees will be refunded, but enrollment fee and accomodation placement fee are non-refundable.


In case of visa rejection student has to provide written notification of a visa rejection and all relevant supporting documents. In this case 100% of the tuition and accommodation fees will be refunded, but enrollment fee and accomodation placement fee are non-refundable. This article is eligible just in case the student did not start the course before getting long-term visa or long-term permition. In other case the article Termination policy will be applied.


 „Termination“ means stopping or leaving all or part of the course or courses booked, including extensions, once the first course has started. When determining the number of weeks completed, a partial week will be counted as a whole week, provided the student was present at least one day during the scheduled week. In all cases enrollment fee and accomodation placement fee are non-refundable and written notification of termination must be given to the course Director. Students who terminate their program may not be eligible to receive a certificate in the end of the course.

Students wishing to terminate must give 4 weeks‘ written notice to the course Director. The refund will be calculated as below according to the percentage of the course completed including the notice period:

  • if up to 10% of the program has been completed: 50% refund of unused tuition fees
  • if 11-29% of the program has been completed: 30% refund of unused tuition fees
  • if more than 30% of the program has been completed: 0% refund of unused tuition fees

In all cases where a student terminated his or her studies, the relevant immigration authorities will be informed.