How to register to a One-year long preparatory course of Czech language?

1. Register:

Fill in the application form. Do not forget to include a photocopy of your passport and a high-school/university diploma.

2. Pay the course:

Upon receipt of your application, you will be sent an electronic invoice by e-mail for payment of the course. The electronic invoice (invoice) must be paid within five working days. Otherwise, there will be a new invoice issued with a price based on an up-to-date Czech crown exchange rate, see official exchange rate of Česká spořitelna bank (Foreign Exchange – Buy). The preparatory course must be paid in full (including the registration fee), as only such payment is a precondition for sending an official letter, confirming acceptance of a student into the studies, and is one of the basic documents needed to apply for student visa in the Czech Republic. Payment must be made so that all fees associated with a transfer are bore by a sender (code OUR of payment instructions in international wire transfer).

!!!Do not forget to state the variable symbol (or write the variable symbol in the note for receiver), your first name and last name!!!

Please inform us about your payment at: .

3. Confirmation of enrollment into the study:

Upon sucessful receipt of money at the VŠE account, we will e-mail you a confirmation of the course payment. Within five working days, we will send you an official letter, which serves as a confirmation of inclusion into the course. Price for the postal service is included in the course price.

We will be glad to answer all your questions. Please write to: