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Semestral preparatory course to study in an English-taught bachelor’s and/or master’s degree programme at VŠE is designed for students who, after the completion of a preparatory course, plan to study in an English-taught programme. The concept and content is designed with the entrance exam requirements in mind, specifically to VŠE. Graduates of this course will have a very good chance for being admitted into bachelor’s (eg. Bachelor of International Business) or master’s (eg. International and Diplomatic Studies) degree programme of VŠE. In addition to language classes, there are Czech language and General Economics classes, which greatly facilitates orientation in a new environment and during the first year of study at VŠE. Lessons are conducted by experienced teachers from VŠE, who speak English.

Academic Semester 08.01.2024 – 19.05.2024 (19 weeks) – 22 hours of English language + 4 hours of Czech language

This semester is aimed at broadening knowledge in all areas of English language (grammar, vocabulary, syntax, conversation, phrases, stylistics).  Main attention is given to expanding vocabulary and improving the ability to independently express one’s opinions and impressions. Moreover, students are introduced to economic lexis, which will be needed for further study at VŠE, particularly reading, listening, analysis and interpretation of scientific texts.


Business English, Academic Writing, Presentation and Negotiations, Cross-Cultural Communication, World Economy

The programme includes self-study week after each four weeks of study (in winter semester self-study week includes 12 hours of repeat classes).  Students conclude the course with a final exam and receive a Certificate of Achievement and Cambridge Exam Certificate (not mandatory).

Students of these preparatory courses can be accomodated at VŠE dormitory and obtain Long Term Visa for the Purpose of Studies.

General rules and policy of the courses

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