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Only these preparatory courses for study at VŠE have the required professional credit guaranteed by the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics, Prague. The University of Economics, Prague (VŠE), does not guarantee professional level of other similar courses that are offered and presented as preparatory courses for an entrance exam to VŠE.

Preparatory study programmes

Thanks to effective teaching methods, modern audiovisual gadgets and highly qualified teachers, graduation from a preparatory Czech language course at VŠE guarantees that a student (provided that the student approaches his/her study responsibly) a quality entrance exam preparation, not only to VŠE, but to any university, where the applicant must prove adequate knowledge of Czech or English language.

All semestral and year-long preparatory courses require English language knowledge at an A2 level at least. At the time of enrollment into the course, students should have a completed high-school education .

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Address: VŠE v Praze
Nám. W. Churchilla 4
130 67 Praha 3
Phone: +420 730 160 327, +420 224 095 278, +420 774 803 366

VŠE in Prague

Statistics of Success in 2017

  • 517 students took entrance exam test from Czech Language to VŠE
  • 91% of those prepared themselves at various preparatory courses in the Czech Republic
  • 50,5% of students received at least 60 points (minimum to pass)
  • 70,3% of students that successfully passsed the entrance exam test from Czech language to VŠE (min. 60 points) were graduates of the Czech Preparatory Courses for Study at VŠE in Prague