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Semestral preparatory courses of Czech language are designed for students who plan to study at any of the six faculties of VŠE. Their concept and content is designed with the entrance exam requirements in mind (to bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes), specifically to VŠE.

In addition to language classes, students of the preparatory course also receive training in those subjects, that are required to pass within the entrance exams, which not only increases success during the entrance examinations, but also greatly facilitates orientation during the first year of study at VŠE. Additional subjects are: Math, English, Introduction to General Economics. Work with sample tests of the entrance exams to VŠE is also part of the course. Lessons are conducted by experienced teachers from VŠE, who speak either Russian, or English.

If interested in this type of a course, Czech language knowledge is required at an A1 – A2 level at least. To achieve this level it is possible to study a long-distance course offered by us.

Academic Semester 06.01.2025 – 18.05.2025 (19 weeks) – 20 hours per week (including 2 hours of introduction to General Economics and 3 hours of introduction to Social Science) + 5 hours of supplementary courses

Courses are aimed at broadening knowledge in all areas of Czech language (grammar, vocabulary, syntax, conversation, phrases, spelling, stylistice). Additionally, the courses also focus on pronunciation, colloquial language, and facts about the Czech Republic. Main attention is given to expanding vocabulary and improving the ability to independently express one’s opinions and impressions. Moreover, students are introduced to economic lexis, which will be needed to succesfully pass entrance exams and for further study at VŠE, particularly reading, listening, analysis and interpretation of scientific texts. Knowledge of subjects, which are part of the entrance exams to VŠE, can be improved during supplementary courses (English, Math, other foreign languages, …).

There is a one-week study leave after every four weeks of study. Students conclude the course with a final exam and receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Thanks to effective teaching methods, modern audiovisual gadgets and highly qualified teachers, graduation from a preparatory course at VŠE guarantees that a student (provided that the student approaches his/her study responsibly) a quality entrance exams preparation (not only to VŠE, but to any university, where the applicant must prove adequate knowledge of Czech language).

Maximum capacity of this type of a course is 30 students.

Students of these courses can be accomodated at VŠE dormitory and obtain Long Term Visa for the Purpose of Studies.



General rules and policy of the courses

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