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Supplementary preparatory course of Czech language for study at VŠE is designed for those who are interested in studying at VŠE, especially for those who want to improve their Czech language knowledge and prepare themselves for entrance examinations, requirements of which are taken into account in the preparatory course. The course is suitable for students of various preparatory courses in the Czech Republic, who can expand their Czech language knowledge with respect to the content of admissions exam tests from Czech language to VŠE. Students work with examples of admissions’  tests and their analysis.

Classes are held every Saturday, two hours per week. The exact schedule of the classes, indicating room number, where classes wil take place, will be given to you upon receipt of your non-binding application, one week before the start of the course.

 05.03.2018 – 03.06.2018 (13 weeks) – 26 hours Czech language

Cost of the course 3775 CZK                          

The course fee covers costs related to the course, including tests, and basic study materials.

Students of this type of the course do not receive any study confirmation that can be used to apply for visa.

We will be glad to answer all your questions. Please write to: