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How to register to a Supplementary preparatory course of Czech language at VŠE?

1. Register:

Fill in the application form. Please remember to indicate preffered time of the course.

2. Pay the course:

a) transfer – Bank Account:1828782/0800, IBAN:CZ21 0800 0000 0000 0182 8782, SWIFT: GIBACZPX, variable symbol: 209013.  Payment must be made so that all fees associated with a transfer are bore by a sender (code OUR of payment instructions in international wire transfer). Do not forget to state the variable symbol (or write the variable symbol in the note for receiver), your first name and last name!

b) in cash during the first lesson

3. Arrive at your first lesson:

Please bring the course payment confirmation to your first lesson. Payment/bank order is not a payment confirmation and will not be accepted!

We will be glad to answer all your questions. Please write to: